Monday, October 17, 2016

Pre-Convo Photoshoot

aku selalu berangan nak photoshoot pre-convo BAAAMMM sikit. maksudnya mcm lain daripada lain la. abang tahun lepas masuk OhBulan sebab dorang jadi Star Wars. tp disebabkan kekangan masa, otak pun barai takde idea so ni jela mampu hahah alhamdulillah.

sabtu pagi ktorang ambil robe, petang tu jugak photoshoot terus. awalnya tiga kerat je boleh photoshoot. waktu tu aku dah mcm.. aih tak best la bertiga padahal geng ada 5 orang konvo sekali. end up semua boleh join.

location: KLCC area. so ktorg mmg tebalkan muka jela pakai robe gitu. siap ada lg foreigner amek gambar ktorg ;) hahaa

banyak lg gambar tp x edit lg. pictures taken by my friend. dia muslimah photographer. boleh usha ig dia knaphotogart . baru tak segan nak posing ;) 

Thursday, October 13, 2016


People say, if you wanna change for good, do for the sake of Allah. Dont ever change yourself just bcs somebody told you to do. Personally, i agree if we set our intention to change bcs of Him, but i dont deny the fact that ppl change bcs of a human is a booster and a baby step.

Some say at the age of 22, i'm too young to think abt marriage. Yes, i wont get married any sooner; at least 4-5 years to go but still, ibu always reminds me to start making du'a abt criterias of a good husband. Soleh, responsible and etc but more specific. Just confidently pray to Him. Ask Allah to guide you in becoming a better muslimah as well. Just pray.

Even in Quran stated that good guys are for good women.. put Him as your intention in becoming a better person. Good things will come afterwards.

Thank you Allah... I am blessed for being loved by You through the pain, heartbreak and disappoinment you gave me. No humans can cure and heal these except You, The Most Merciful.