Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The ones where you gave it your all. The ones you felt that they would be there for you for the whole time. But something happened, or even nothing happened at all. Whatever it was, it caused the friendship to fade. And that friendship turned into acquaintances, and then into strangers. -tumblr

as time passes by, people change, feelings fade. cause we've grown up. we meet new friends, get close to one another, and forget those who used to be there in our lives. that's normal, I think?  when distance pulls you and your friends apart, what else should you do? you can never stop them from having a bunch of friends, or new click as life goes on. life goes on.. 

I'm mature enough to think what's good and bad. this isn't as bad as I think, anyway. maybe I'm no longer your favorite girl but just so you know, though all these changes kinda hurt me a bit, yet I'll deal with it. cause I love you so much and losing you, that would be way painful.. goodluck, dearest.  

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