Friday, December 28, 2012

alhamdulillah, our bond is still strong. friendship never ends, they say and yes it is. even though we've met so many ppl throughout our life journey yet at the end of the day, we'll go back to the ones who know us the most. the sweetness is unexplainable :)

had such a well spent day with my babes; ija, zira and nani but a lil bit disappointed as daina couldn't make it. the actual plan should be; right after we fetch nani at Uia PJ, we'll go to Paradigm Mall as it only takes a few minutes to reach there but then as we got lost at the highway (my mistake as I didnt pay attention while showing direction), we changed the plan. yelah, keluar rumah at 9.30am yet reached UIA at almost 11am -.- pfffft, terlajak sampai ke Damansara. should drop by at One Utama for a while :/ hihii and oh, I saw him ths morning by the way. nak ambil zira, lalu depan rumah dia. I saw him pakai helmet :') haih may Allah protect you, dearest.

okayyy then after we fetched nani, we had our lunch at Wong Solo! usual place! the best ayam penyet in Selangor so far ;) yet personally, I think Wong Solo still can't beat ayam penyet JB :D after that, we decided to go to Mines Wonderland. karok karok for an hour. tak puas, seriously. nani and I were freggin emotional. I almost cried -.- haih. nak2 lagi bila nyanyi I don't love youuu like I did yesterday~~ okay -.- then pulang ke rumah~ even it was just for a short while, I had fun meeting them. we're friends since in the primary school. 10 years ++ of friendship and still counting, alhamdulillah :') 

semoga Allah panjangkan persahabatan kita. semoga Allah pertemukan kita dgn jodoh yg baik. memang sepanjang jumpa ni asyik cakap pasal jodoh. semua dah ada calon and I was like, 'ow yeah, i hv no one.' -.- hahaa it's okay. I believe in jodoh yg Allah tetapkan :') 


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