Sunday, April 28, 2013

guhreat day~


superb day, I can conclude, even though I started my day with a so-called-not-a-right-thing-to-do. hahaa I've been expecting this anyway. should have brought my brain together, instead of just following my heart aimlessly. k. no regrets. 

alright. so I went to the bookfair at PWTC today with ze family and all I can say is, the bookfair was so much better than last year. we arrived there at 9.10 am hahaa early as heck, I know  but there were certain booths that have already opened at 9.00 am. while waiting for the other booths to open, we wandered around and guess what? ayah, ibu, hazmi masuk MHI. we even viewed it back at Tonton -.- they were so freggin over excited hahaa love em ;)

and finally, I've used all of my coupons! bought Fixi's and Lejen's novels. 3 novels just for rm50 even I expected that I need to pay more. and that's it! I wanted to buy more books but since I still have 9 novels to be read at home, then I assumed buying 3 novels are more than enough.

we went to Aeon afterwards for idk-what-reason. surveyed laptops at Sony centre and surprisingly, ayah bought Sony Vaio E Series laptop for me! even at the very first place, I wished to buy Macbook, yet when I think twice, I changed my mind. Macbook is affordable itself, I know. but it's just, the software or apps are too pricey and that would be such a waste of money. I'll buy one when I hv my own job someday... anyway, thanks ayah, thanks ibu, thank you Allah. alhamdulillah.

I'd always wished to own a pink laptop and alhamdulillah, He granted my wish :) 

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