Monday, September 23, 2013


oh sheez, tears please stop falling.

holding grudge on someone will make you feel better at the very first place, but it will destroy you slowly.. and if you might think by hating someone will make you forget abt that person, that would be helpful but just for a short while. you see. feelings are complicated, y' know. you cannot control it sometimes. there would be times when you're better than fine and every bad thg that happens won't make you give a sheez. but there would be times when you feel so alone, yet not wanting to have anyone at the same time and you give a darn about every single thg that happens though it doesn't include you. 

it's tiring..

however life is all about choices. someone once told be that if I wanna be happy, then live life happily. I've been asked for several times on how did I move on, and that question totally brought a smile on my face. all I could say was, 'I haven't moved on completely, but why should we let our time wasted for someone who has stopped caring?' everything is in our hands. if you choose to be happy, do act like one. if you keep on clinging to the memories and insist to stay at the same place, not wanting to move forward, you're just torturing yourself. 

once in a while, it is necessary  to feel sad. that would remind you on things that you shouldn't repeat later on, but do put a limit. keep your mind with positive vibes, surround yourself with positive people, seriously, it helps a lot. read al-Quran and its meaning regularly as it helps to nurture our soul to be healthier. do what you love to do in a way to distract yourself from being forlorn. one of my ways to avoid from all of these unnecessary feelings is by keeping myself busy. when I'm bored, I read or blog or sleep. 

surprisingly, I've found a new hobby since I live in my current hostel in Bangsar. there's a gym provided at the ground floor in my hostel so whenever I have a free time, I'll just go there and exercise while listening to songs. I keep those 'headbanging' songs in the track list so that when I work out, the song played will boost up my energy (i dont know how it affects me). see. choose to be happy, choose to be healthy. it's all in our hands. do not think too much on unsure things that leave you wondering on what will happen in the future. 

He's the best planner of all. let's just pray for the best and choose on how to deal with our lives correctly, with a lil hope that someday, pure happiness will be ours in the Hereafter, inshaaAllah.


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