Saturday, September 14, 2013

week 1

salam alayk,

things are getting better, alhamdulillah so far. even though it still doesn't work out like what I wish, but still as long as I can get along with some of these new ppl, then it's better than nothing. to be honest, this is one of the long weekdays I've ever had -.- I kept waiting for Friday to come over, though it was just Tuesday. yes... counting days hihii alhamdulillah I'm still able to breathe and already get rid of those negative thoughts in my mind. just follow the flow.

the lecturers........ hmm half of them are super strict while the other half are toooooo kind and cute and sweet... I cannot... so adorable. andddddd the 'best' part is, I've already been given with 3 assignments to be submitted by next week.. here comes my hectic life... I really don't know how to conclude this whole week during lectures.. most of the time, I would just show the lecturers my 'blur' faces and pretended that I got what they were trying to say. it was freggin hard to absorb those new thgs, you know.... it's alright.. I'll be fine.. how abt my classmates?! Islamic Finance's students were separated into a few small groups and I don't actually have a fixed group, because there will be certain students from group B and C that are needed to combine with my group (A). alhamdulillah, I can get along with the girls and be myself in front of them. and my roommates are insanely maniac haha they're all funny and guess wht, I'm the most innocent one among of four of us. diyanaaaa? innocent? gotta be kidding aite tehee

hopefully, it gets better each day. this is the way I choose to walk through. I'll be fine with His help.

thanks for an endless support, sayang2.

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