Thursday, October 3, 2013

#onrepeat: Nomad-Tetap Menantimu

Diyana Amirah is not a big fan of Malay songs, but it doesn't mean she's boycotting our local artists for such unconcrete reasons. yeah.. that's me. nowadays, it's pretty hard to find songs as attractive as 90's Malay songs. there are just a few songs that will always attract me the most and have this 'catchy' lyrics; evergreen, they say. call me lame, but I do listen to Belaian Jiwa every single day. ha-ha why Diyana why so jiwang -.- the main point here is, I wonder why do songs these days aren't as 'evergreen' as back then? whenever I listen to a new song for several times, boredom will smack on my head and there'll be a point when I can't even listen to the song as I might end up vomit within a second. urgh hyperbola. I rarely listen to radio unless those channels are Mix fm, Fly fm, Hitz fm, Red fm or Ikim fm hihikssssss. 

alright, this is pointless.

hmm mood swings mood swings.

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