Thursday, November 7, 2013

I wish to be happy

"the best revenge is to be happy."

but the question is, what does happiness really mean?

happiness is subjective. it might be the moment when you finally get what you wish for ages, or maybe when you pass the toughest paper with flying colours, or maybe when the moment someone you adore, likes you back, or maybe when you win a lucky draw that costs thousands or etc. 

have you wondered why somehow, when you get something you want, it gives you that 'happy' feeling, but it only stays for temporary? I do. it feels good only for a moment, but then that feeling vanishes away without giving any imprint. why oh why?

you'll only feel the sweetness of happiness when you start being grateful. I really find it hard to be thankful, as I keep on complaining on things, never feel what I've had now is more than enough :(

bad diyana is bad. wake up, diyana. life's too short not to be happy. God has given you lots to be thankful of.

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