Friday, November 15, 2013

life without Twitter

suddenly, I miss Twitter and tweeting.

this is not cool.

I left Twitter for the sake of myself, cause I really needed to get rid of being so freggin addicted to tweet 6 months ago. to be honest, I assume that as one of my biggest achievements. wow. it has already been half of the year, peeps! never thought I could live without Twitter. pfft.

but sheez, that kind of I-need-to-express-myself-by-tweeting suddenly comes again this lately. it's pretty hard to fight this urge, you know, especially when you have started missing your old friends that you used to keep in touch via Twitter, or you feel that you're all left out 'cause everyone still talks abt what they tweet, and what happens currently all over the world. the way out for me to keep expressing is, of course, by blogging......... or putting a long caption in instagram that I bet annoys most of my followers. haha k.

anyway, it's not a crime to have a Twitter account. maybe someday I'll create a new account if only I've found out more pros of having Twitter than its cons. but, I feel more peaceful somehow without Twitter. great.


anyway, alhamdulillah, my effort has been paid off for my midterm exam. alhamdulillah. and all I need to do now is keep on going consistently, so that I'll hit the target; 4 flat inshaaAllah. anythg is possible, isn't? 

I just wanna make my parents proud. inshaaAllah.


Hazwani Hashim said...

now after i made an account i feel the same urge to tweet. im deactivating it -.-

yanamia said...

haaa alahai wani, xpelah tweet jelah :p as long as tak kacau studies :*