Monday, December 9, 2013

hati kering

Diyana Amirah with her unnecessary thoughts can never be separated..

I think a lot, and I do take every single thing seriously that will end up making me pissed off or frustrated or sad or bla bla bla.. sometimes, feelings of others do matter. on the other hand, being selfish is necessary too somehow. in a way to avoid from getting a horrible heartache later on, all we need is to be selfish or 'hati kering' they say. but I really found it hard to do so. 

but since I've been living in a new environment that forces me to be 'hati kering', then I bet Imma get affected too. we're living with people. people have feelings like us. and I always hold on to, 'treat people like you wanna be treated'. I never agreed in 'mam* kau lah, ada aku kesah' and stuffs, especially when it comes to my friends and family. they're all matter..

shouldnt think too much :(


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