Friday, December 27, 2013


how fast time flies.

I'm running out of time. my focus has totally gone these past few days, and the days that I should spend revising for the upcoming final came to waste. hmm but I had fun anyway. a day before Christmas, I spent a night in Lexis, Port Dickson with my whole family. pre-celebration of abang's 22nd birthday. everything felt complete again. alhamdulillah. thumbs up to the spectacular hotel. plus, the views are superb. subhanallah. and yesterday was a siblings-day-out. treated abang lunch @ Seoul Garden with my two younger brothers, Helmi and Hazmi. we played bowling and go for an hour karok (of course most of the time I was the one who conquered the microphone). well-spent.

it felt sooooooooooo good until the moment I realized that I haven't studied Economics yet, and I needed to settle down with my room, as ibu bought me a new bed, and other stuffs and and I wanted to paint back my room in pink and bla blaa and after that I lost control and broke down again and again and meroyan again and bla blaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhh no.

okay I should start revising now.

tick tock.

wish me luck.


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