Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January updates

alhamdulillah, everything has settled down. I'm done with my first semester exams as an Islamic Finance student. hope the upcoming result will be as great as I wish it would be, inshaaAllah :)
so far those papers were all.... moderate I can tell, but I couldn't guarantee that I might score Accounts and Marketing. yeah, literally, I cried. I really wanna hit those bloody four flats, but now I just feel so unsure abt it. anyway, let's just pray for the best. peace baby peace.

but, alhamdulillah for everything. 

so, right after the last paper, I went to Malacca with my girlfriend, Hanin for a short vacay. we booked Avillion Legacy Hotel for a night, a few days before. actually, the main purpose of us going to Malacca was ikan bakaaaaaooooo. hihii. spent almost hundred ringgit only for two persons; ikan siakap 3 rasa and bakar, udang butter, sotong goreng tepung, kailan ikan masin, kerang rebus, totally worth it, yet ended up, I was the one who ate them all. weehooo. diyana sekarang dah jd tong sampah bergerak. idk since when.

hihi so now, I just wanna stay at home, spend my precious time with ze familia. it feeeels good to be home. and it feels much better when ibu and my whole family made a surprise for  me ....

yeayy. siap ada kelambu. hihi. but I feel much happier when ibu bought a new tafseer Quran for me! alhamdulillah :D I'll update abt ths whole new transformation of my room in the next update, oteh?! heeeeeeeeeeee

as for now, I just wanna qada' tidur. till then.


Na'ilah Jalani said...
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Na'ilah Jalani said...

Salam and Hi Yana.
So sorry if I spell your name wrongly. ^_^
Homaiii... adakah mereka2 di unikl tiada yang lepasan asasi langsung?
Oh Allah. I'm just thinking that maybe I will be just like you. Alone for the first time :/
Oh ya, I will be your junior even though we are in the same age. ;)
Hope to know you better. =)

P/S: Ada juga kawan from Palam. ^_^ Mungkin ada yang kenal Yana. :)
A new friend,
Na'ilah :)

yanamia said...

glad knowing this!
anyway, you're taking islamic finance jugak?


dkt kampus i, xde budak Palam. it's freggin sad tauuu sebab nobody feels me bila nak ckp n throwback pasal Palam.......

yanamia said...

but anyway, anythg just tanya la kay pasal UBis. bebudak lain pun suka main2 panggil I ni duta UniKL :p

Na'ilah Jalani said...

Yup. Same course! *Teruja :D*
Tapi budak2 Palam ramai kan :D
Maybe you pun tak kenal kawan I yang dekat sana. Hehehe.

By the way, I pun nak cari kot-kot ada budak teslian di situ. Ekeke. :D

Okay tak life dekat sana? I'm so scared bila fikir lonely disana.

Banyak tak boleh transfer credit hours? Oh my... I have tones of questions for you to answer Yana. Hehehe. ^_^

Na'ilah Jalani said...

And... I found your FB account but I can't add -_- Dah kena block for 30 days from adding anyone. Haiyooo. Annoying betul.
Can you add me? If you don't mind. :)
Just search Na'ilah Jalani. It will be there. Hehe. Thanks in advance. :D

yanamia said...

just added you.
sambung kat sana fb aite :)