Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"I bleed when I fall down"

it happens. always. friends ditch, lovers dump. it happens when one of them stops trying, and the other one doesn't put any effort to make things work. communication starts to fade, which causes other things; feelings and passion to vanish slowly and slowly. sad, isn't?

it is freggin hard to start all over again, or to give a second chance to someone. that kind of I'm-afraid-you-might-hurt-me-once-again is inseparable, and it is even harder to trust people as you used to do, cause past has taught you a lot. you prepare yourself for the worst; start to build up a high wall again, but one day, someone breaks it and catches your attention. you're too fool thinking s/he might not leave, unlike those who did. but you're wrong. s/he's just the same.

it happens.

but you seem not to have enough.

*np : Human- Christina Perri

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