Friday, January 24, 2014

random denials

I've always found it funny when things that we always refuse to admit actually takes the whole space of our heart. like in these situations;

situation 1

A: why didn't you pick up my call?
B: ohh I left my phone upstairs. sorry

but the truth, you just didn't feel like talking and there would be two possibilities; 1. s/he would take almost an hour talking nonstop with you, and you got other interesting thgs to do, or 2. you're in period pain, so yeah you're not in the mood.

situation 2

A: you look depressed.
B: naaah, I'm fine.

it's just that you were hoping that someone would ask, and hug you and say things are going to be fine and etc. come on. why don't we, especially girls, stop complicating thgs and just spill out what do we really feel? (which I also found it hard for me to do) . being honest can be helpful somehow......

situation 3

A: stop stalking her. I don't love her anymore.
B: yeah I know.

girls do the stalk 'cause of their typical 'insecurities'. trust your boy, urgh please. that's the reason why I don't bother about exes stuffs anymore. move forward, don't ever look back. past will remain past, until God has said that there might be a second chance and etc. you keep denying that it doesn't matter, but the fact is, it does matter. stop it. insecurities bring you no where.


in life, we really need to learn to be honest. say things politely. avoid from irritating others, though telling the truth will somehow make ppl get offended. on the other hand, think about others' feelings as well. certain of us prioritize others first instead of ourselves, which yeah, I admit I am one of them. it takes a lot of guts to tell the truth. and the main reason why they refuse to tell the truth is because, they don't wanna be such a pain in the ass. (which is not)

you just need to spill. there are still lots of people who love you and willing to help. don't bottle up. spill out. and stop thinking that you're all alone. you are not alone. keep that in mind. girls and insecurities cannot be separated, I agree. but somehow all you need is to stop. do think that you are worth to keep, to love. believe and trust. pray hard. Allah always listens.

it's like you're afraid on your own shadow. 

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