Saturday, February 22, 2014



poor communication leads to so many disastrous situations, whereby might lead to misunderstanding, misconception and so forth. friendship turns to dust, feelings towards your partners start to fade, colleagues fight among each other, and etc.

people nowadays tend to prefer texting or whatsaping than confronting others when they're facing difficulties. that's the best and least risky way they say. I won't deny that I don't confront people. I'd prefer hiding behind letters on the phone screen rather than facing them two by two. coward. but I love phone calls. that makes me feel special even someone just wants to keep on track about me. phone calls work better than texts. at least, we'll know if they're being honest or sincere from their voices.

recently, I am facing a hugeeeeee problem among *some text missing*. I shouldn't spill it here, even I am dying to do so :( anyway, it's all because of miscommunication among us. a person should't bottle to herself, as I believe everyone has their own limit, isn't? so if only we straight away tell dissatisfaction without even delaying when would be the right time to confess, I bet things are gonna be much better than now.  

have you ever been in these kind of situations;?

'no one ever understands me.'

'he doesn't have much time for me and I feel empty.'

'it's been a while since the last time I've heard of her.'

just spill. it doesn't matter whether you're the one who should start first or not. technology helps in reaching others even for afar, but it also kills the quality of leisure time with our family and friends... so keep off your high technology gadgets during this moment (which is freggin hard for me to do.. tehee)

and oh. remember this? "don't be shy to say hi. I won't bite." ahaha good times on myspace~

so kalau lu x puas hati ngan gua. cakap k. cewah tetiba

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