Friday, February 21, 2014


nothing worth having comes easy.

sometimes you wonder why your life isn't as wonderful as your friends.
sometimes you wonder why your friends have found probably 'the right one' while you're still all alone.
sometimes you wonder why Allah has given someone hidayah while you're still seeking for it.
sometimes you wonder why life might be quite unfair towards you.

you know,
it is all matter of time. everyone has their own destiny, their own fate. since Allah has already written your past, present and future in the Luh Mahfuz, all you need to do is keep on praying, and add up an endless effort to get the best. they say you can change your fate. and yes it is. stop comparing. you'll never know what someone who you thinks living in such a 'glory' and 'beautiful' life is going through. every single thing that Allah rewards us can still be counted as a test; on how you deal your happiness, or which way you choose in coping with sadness......

this brings happiness, yet kills me at the same time.
show me the way, ya Rabb.

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