Sunday, April 27, 2014

do you know what hurts the most when a relationship doesn't work out and what would people turn out to?

people change. they backbite. they spread hatred. they think they're on the right side. they act like they're innocent. and they stab you from your back.

isn't it sad? 

when someone you used to fall with claimed that you're just the same shitty girl s/he used to know, but apparently s/he was just unsatisfied seeing you happy with someone else.

I totally have nothing to do with people on my past and I assume they've made me happy once. just so you know, hating people isn't my thing. I forgive people simply as I believe I was terrible back then. but when someone has crossed the line, I won't simply accept their apology. 

you shouldn't raise that kind of issue, boy. 

my dad has nothing to do with my actions, my words. 

and don't ever think that you're that sacred, so that you can easily judge me.

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