Monday, June 16, 2014

for my girlfriend,

dear Hanin bt Mohd Azmi,
you might not expect this to come. but this time, I made a special post for you (after you asked me several times to put your name in my blog :p ), so I really hope you'll get well very soon! 

never thought we could be this close. tidur sekatil, sebantal. we used to be 'just friends', but now people around us keep labeling us as 'sweet couple'. I'm the lady, you're the gent. how funny when we denied, but turned up to be true :) i love you. just pls don't get us wrong. we're still straight, anyway. haha.

you know how suck I am in expressing my feelings. you with your sweet words are inseparable, while me, I really don't know how to act and response to every single thg you say. all I could do was just smile and nod. yeaaah, pathetic. you never get tired of me. I really don't know why you could love a person like me so much. I always treat you bad, I let all my anger out to you, I sulk everyday, I ignore you like countless times. but you're still here, standing still next to me. 

when I asked you why your patience was still as high as the highest mountain, you said, ' cause i love you so much, I won't give up on you.' when I told you to look for other better friends to replace, you said, 'no, I only want you'. 

but now, you're sick. this tears me apart, to be honest. and I believe I am among the reasons why :( I want you to be happy again. I want you to take care of me like you always do. but it's okay. it's my turn to pay back you kindness. I miss you, sayang. I swear I do. stay strong, sayang. Allah loves you so much, He gives you such tests. 

you need to get well soon, so that we could meet up next week :) I love you. thanks for the love you give, thanks for all the sacrifice you made just to put a smile on my face, thanks for being there when nobody else did, thanks for lending your arms to make me sleep soundly, thanks for treating me like a baby :) muahh lebiu xoxo..

and thanks for this video :p


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