Saturday, June 21, 2014

for those who forget,

we might ignore the only reason why we're here.
the reason why Allah created us.
the reason why Allah gave us a life to live.
we know.
but we pay a little attention on it.
as we keep believing on,
"we still have time to repent"
"still young to die."

so why we're here?
to worship Him.
so why we take His orders for granted,
even though we know The Day of Judgement is true?
because we're too full of ourselves.
we think we're not going to die until our age turns 80.
"we've still got time to repent lah."
"okay I'll learn Islam more once I get married."
"lek la chill. we're just 20."

it's just........
I am frustrated with myself and with the ways of our shallow minded community think on the reason of their existence. apart from how our community judge someone's imaan based on their piece of veil. sometimes we cannot even 'bear the pain' of seeing someone else gets a better position than us. we cannot even digest our mind or swallow the fact that there're other people that Allah has given something more than us.

may Allah cleanse our heart. may Allah give us guidance. may Allah keep us istiqamah.


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