Saturday, July 26, 2014

it's hard but you're doing good :)

Allah knows that you are struggling. He knows your intention. He knows how hard it is for you to fight against nafs and those attraction. He knows how fragile your heart is and how easy it gets hurt. He knows how worried you are when it comes to death. is it Husnul Khatimah or Suul Khatimah. He knows what you're hiding with those messy thoughts in your head. He knows... you're doing good, my dear.. do not give up on His plan. that's what Shaytan always works for. they want us to give up and lose hope. they want us to feel that we're going too far that Allah won't forgive our mountain of sins. but He's the Most Merciful. He WILL forgive us if we work hard to cleanse our soul, if only we put our full effort in worshiping Him. He surely will.

if you wonder why your relationship with humans always doesn't work out, then fix your relationship with Him. if you think you're going astray, far from what Allah had told you in the Quran, then go make a u-turn to Him. if you think you're all alone, you have no one to share your sadness with and you want to feel calm again, then read. read Quran. that's our love letter from Allah. it will make you feel whole again and it erases the pain away. 

alhamdulillah, ya Rabb.

thanks for waking us up.

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