Thursday, October 2, 2014

One City Skypark

One City Skypark that is located in Subang is a building that consists of few departments include offices, shops, gymnasium, cinema and college at one roof. the main attraction of it is that we can see the view of Subang from the 10th floor. besides that, at the middle of 10th floor, there are two sections that we can walk and look down on transparent glass (I'm not sure what it is made of but I'm very sure it is hard and strong to bear our weight). even there were ppl who lied on the glass just to take pictures. it means that we can actually see all the shops below. yeah, I freaked out at first but after all it was soooooooo freggin cool!

the view looks so much better during the night.
and again as I told bfr, I love lights, isn't? so it was worth the time.

it will be a very suitable place to 'chillex' or 'lepak'  in the evening while watching sunset with loved ones!

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