Thursday, December 25, 2014

Shoes to Wear with Sweatpants

There are those days when women just want to wear something that look simple yet stylish on a day out. The most common bottom worn by women who prefers to feel comfortable all day in are sweatpants. Instead of wearing it to the gym or a workout session, sweatpants are the perfect type of clothing for women everywhere they go. I found it more comfortable than wearing tight jeans or etc. However, some women may not know the right way on how to perk up a pair of sweatpants for a more stunning look. The best way is to match various types of shoes and create different characters from it.  The women who want to appear boyish and sporty should match their sweatpants with a nice pair of Converse sneakers. you can also pair it up with other sneakers such as Vans or Sketchers. This look will definitely make a woman feel comfortable walking around town all day and still appear trendy in front of others.

For the ladies who are more feminine should opt to wear high heels with their sweatpants. It may sound odd but it absolutely makes a woman look rugged elegant all together. The combination of simple and elegant is what makes a woman feel proud the entire day. Overlay a nice jacket on top of your tees and sweatpants attire, dazzle up with high heels and puff an amazing fabulous fashion appearance. Create your own personal style and impress everyone around town with your incredible touch.

The third footwear that women can also pull off with sweatpants is ankle boots. Ankle boots gives woman a sense of sophistication and empowers the confidence in them. Besides that, ankles boots with sweatpants definitely transforms the plain pants into a stylish look. Opt for a black ankle boots for a powerful look or have more fun with patterned boots. Interested ladies who cannot wait to try out these 3 style looks can check out ZALORA for a wide range of shoes online for women collection from various brands.  

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