Thursday, January 22, 2015

dear sayang,
I could write thousand of words, but you won't ever know how much you mean to me. indescribable. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for hurting you again and again. I'm sorry for always being the reason you got sick. I'm sorry for yelling at you, slapping you when I was mad. I'm sorry I got tired easily, without concerning the pain you had to bear. I'm sorry for not treating you like a princess when you treated me like one. I'm sorry for being such a pain in your ass. I'm sorry for being selfish. I'm sorry for being too honest though I realised it would hurt you. I'm sorry for not taking care of you when my ego took control over me. I'm sorry.

I went through a lot sayang. too many painful moments that made me act this way, that made my heart as tough as steel.

I won't ask much.
just please, trust me.
and please let go of the hatred.

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