Saturday, March 14, 2015

it's hard when people always judge and think that they're all gooood. it's like whatever you do is wrong. he will keep on making you remind things you refuse to remember. it's hard to cope with this situation even it happens so regularly you cant even count. i don't wanna live like this. i dont want my mind to be filled with thgs that pissed me off or make me upset. i wanna live happily. i wanna be with positive people that will keep supporting me, instead of the ones who will keep on judging me again and again and again till i dont know, maybe forever? why don't people just stop talking and criticizing?

I dont need to be reminded how bad i used to be. you're not GOD. you cannot simply judge people like you know every single detail of them, 

whatever that had happened, it was nothing to do with you. you cannot say that 'oh thank God you're not as dumb as you used to'. like come on? if you think you're really that good, please do think twice. at least, i don't judge people, i dont backbite people. at least, I know that I have no enemy. I have nothing to be worried about cause i have never made fun of anyone. but yes, that doesn't show that i'm so much better than you, because everyone is a sinner. 

this saddens me so much. everyday, it's like you're carving the existing scars in my heart deeper and even deeper. I'm struggling right now, and i really need you. i need you to understand.

please. stop. it.   


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