Saturday, March 7, 2015

only you can set my heart on fire

soon, I'm gonna turn 21. 21, mannnn! 'legal' enough to get married. idk but i just don't have any intention of getting married in another 2 to 3 years. i can't even stand those who are too worried for not having anyone in their lives right now. however for sure, I do have my own dream guy criteria. but somehow, I really have this kind of alright-i-will-just-let-ibu-decides feeling. mom knows the best, right... hm......

ayah had already told me several times that, 'marry a guy who's older than you, so that you'll respect him more'.

there was a conversation between me and someone. 'look, yana. i wanna be with someone that whenever i walk beside him, i will feel proud. i feel proud of having him'.

I believe that everyone wants to get married only once in a lifetime. it's like a huge decision that leads to gambling, whether you pick the right one or not. that's life. even life itself is all about choices.

ya Allah, protect our heart from things that you restricted... fill our soul with Your love, Your tenderness, Your blessing. ameen..

i wanna marry a man like ayah.


Anonymous said...

Marry a man like ayah for sure he is a doctor also right ?

yanamia said...

awak ni sibuk lah :/