Thursday, June 25, 2015

another loss

yesterday, I attended a funeral. my friend's dad passed away at 12 noon. i felt so terrible because i remember when ayah passed away, my friend called me from Terengganu. she cried soooo bad while saying condolences and felt sorry because she was unable to visit me. I've never heard anyone cried that bad. seriously. and knowing that his dad passed away, i don't know how to react :( his late dad was a friend of ayah back then. in spite of they had a same name (but his dad had 'Ungku' title at the front), my lil brother is also a close friend to her younger brother.

her mother isn't working and she still has 3 other siblings who are still studying. being an eldest one isn't easy, i can tell. i don't know.. i pray that Allah will give her whole family strength to cope with the loss. you know, i always pray that my friends will never experience what i've been going through. it hurt so bad, still it hurts. but Allah is The Best Planner. He knows best.

last semester results was released yesterday. i was at the mosque, while waiting for asar and solat jenazah. alhamdulillah it was good. better than what i expected. almost there. alhamdulillah. the happiness flickers only for a moment.... and then i felt empty... i know ibu was so happy yesterday, but ayah wasn't there.. he would never see my achievements. he only waits for his children's du'a and prayers. that's the only thing that can help him now..

i'm fine..


al-fatihah to Ibrahim bin Ahmad & Ungku Ibrahim bin Ungku Ahmad. may they are placed among the believers and muslimeens.. ameen..

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