Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I lost 7 kg within less than a month. a huge achievement so far. since I realised that this holy month would be a great start to fulfill my mission, so I planned to cut down the amount of calories intake and did some exercises. specifically, I started with Zumba kebebeh. it worked! alhamdulillah. please don't get me wrong, please don't judge my intention for using this holy Ramadhan as a reason. I believe Ramadhan shouldn't be unproductive. it should be filled with tarawih, qiam, reading Quran and etc but still, any act with a good intention should be assumed as ibadah as well.

anyway, few more days before Ramadhan ends. Allah knows many of us are feeling sad, so sad, not even a word can describe it. how we're gonna miss performing tarawih, how we're gonna miss sobbing while making du'a at 3/4am in the morning, how this month which is full of baraqah would be missed. Ramadhan is going to leave us very soon while we don't even sure whether we would be given a chance to meet Ramadhan again next year :'(

oh Allah, may You accept our ibadah and forgive our sins.

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