Monday, August 24, 2015

an unforgettable visit


alhamdulillah yesterday was a great, well-spent day. I felt so belong with these bunch of homies even bfr this, I always felt out of place :p lol

so, my former 5 Alpha classmates planned to make a short visit to our teachers' houses somewhere in Kajang and Bandar Seri Putra. at first, I was quite thrilled bcs I was expecting that I would need to deal with awkward moments. it seemed like ages since I met them; classmates and teachers. but heyy it wasn't that baaaaaaaaaaad. it was more than i thought!

first, we made a move to our former Maths teacher, Ckg Hazlin's house in Kajang. we arrived earlier than what we had told, so the girlsssss needed to give a hand in the kitchen (which is wow its okay we dont mind) hahaa. pung pang pung pang in the kitchen, then watched Conjuring in HBO haha k, had a chat and took group photos. Ckg Hazlin told me that I  had changed a lot. hopefully it was a gooood one lah :/ she made us feel like being in our own home. yay

next! we headed to Bandar Seri Putra. it wasn't that far, would take only 20 minutes from Kajang. but due to our 'genius' friend, we got lost and took like, an hour or somethg? lololololol. hahah :/ i asked amer 'kau guna waze ke?' and he simply said, 'tak lah. guna instinct.' -.- what?!

we arrived at Teacher Noryani's house with her welcoming, unbelievable facial expression. she said she was dreaming. never thought of meeting us again. teacher Noryani is an inspiration. she helped me a lot in learning English since I was 15. I still remember back then when she lent me her kindergarten books every week for almost a year bcs she said i needed to learn from basic. it's nothing wrong in learning. I'm not saying I've become an expert now. no. it's just that i had so much fun learning english and i do admit i had totally improved a lot. alhamdulillah. 

she said yesterday was the first time she cooked nasi tomato. so we ate like monkeys, i even tambah dua kali lol mission diet ke laut. haha. and then i had the nicest coffee i've drank in my entire life. it was sooo good, i kept on saying it again and again hahaha. she said she bought the coffee while performing Hajj. and then we had a chat about so many topics. life, marriage, financial, Islam and etc. the conversation was so meaningful. we were all giving out our opinions. it felt like four years ago again :( 

she told us not to  have a credit card. she doesn't have one. she said she payed everythg in cash. she even lived without any furniture during the first 5th year of her marriage. she bought rm5000 Kancil in cash and then when thgs were getting better, she bought a Honda City. with cash as well. a very humble, down to earth person. 

it was just a short while, but really meaningful. alhamdulillah, i was very happy. bfr this i had an intention not to come to school anymore to meet my teachers bcs i wasnt that successful like my other classmates :( but heyyy, it doesn't matter. they had given us a lot, it's time to repay back. inshaaAllah.

I wish i could meet my loveliest ustazah Zalina. she taught me for 3 years (form 2, 4 and 5). inshaaAllah next year. panjangkan umur guru2 ku , ya Allah. berikan mereka kesihatan yg baik. permudahkan urusan mereka, ya Allah. ameen.

i think only gifted persons can be a teacher. like ibu. 


Sihasyaa VII said...

Rindu Pn Noryani

Sihasyaa VII said...
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yanamia said...

she's the best kann