Saturday, August 22, 2015

Batting Court One Utama

so, my baby recently suggested me to have a new, refreshing additional idea of this blog. what i meant is that, i'll be having a new purpose of blogging. instead of just sharing my feelings and experience thru writing, i'll focus on cafe hopping and have my own travelogue with reviews. (which yes many people are doing it anyway). i need to stop making pointless posts -.-

i think i must have forgotten that i DID write about reviews before this...


so few months back, I went to One Utama. I was dying to play batting since the day I knew there was a batting court in OU. but whenever I went there with my baby Hanieyn, I was wearing skirt (all the time!) couldn't imagine myself playing batting while wearing skirt -.-

so yeah, Batting Court is located at the upper rooftop. it will be so much easier if you just take an elevator next to the Parkson and go up to UR. there are two options whether you want to play softball or baseball. for the beginners, you can pick softball than baseball because it is so much easier
(as what the worker there had informed me.) maybe it is slightly lighter than baseball. 

never thought one token is only for RM4 for students, RM5 for public! every one token consists of 15 balls. i think it's freggin worth it! besides, you can also choose the speed whether 40, 50, or 60 mph.

 i really thought it was easy. hahaha but it's okay :p 

totally gonna come back to practice! we only managed to play two rounds. I cannot bear the heaviness of the bat! 

Location: Upper Roof, One Utama
Price: Student RM4 Adult RM5 per game

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