Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I've always wanted to know how my face looks like with smokey eye look. bfr this I tried to experimenting by myself but then it turned out that i looked almost similar like a vampire lol. anyway, make up was done by my bestfriend, Hannani. I saw her talent in art ever since I was 7. now, we're all grown ups. we have events to attend, wedding receptions to have (in the future) lol. I won't ever choose someone else, not bcs she's my friend, but bcs I believe she won't let my face like bapuk bercapuk. belieeeeeeeveee me ! haha 

do visit her instagram, @makeupbyhannani  

i'm not a make up addict. but we have something BIG  to share with you guys later. inshaaAllah with His help.

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