Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Recently, I have some issues stuck in my head especially on what i really want in life, who am i gonna be in the future and so on. it basically relates to my future. then, here comes the thought of having an attachment at this time being. it doesn't feel right. i don't wanna be like many other girls who just wanna get married and take care of their babies and that's it. you're just gonna live in a normal, boring life for like 50 years? I'm not saying that I don't wanna get married and have kids. I don't deny of having a family. but it's totally not the right time yet. 21 years old is still too young. I wanna serve my family, my nation (inshaaAllah) and Islam. I wanna meet new people, surround myself with not only bookworm type lol. I wanna meet people who can share their thoughts and give a new perception of anything. life is about learning as much as you can. I enjoy spending my precious time with my family and friends without having any attachment. I wanna go out, migrate and live independently. I've thought abt this bfr.

jodoh is somethg that Allah has already planned for me. so I really don't wanna think much abt it. all i wanna do is struggle for these 2 upcoming semesters, graduate and start planning on my future. hope He eases everything. ameen.

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