Friday, October 9, 2015


there are some people with this lame mentality:

"dok speaking tung tang tung tang. tak reti cakap Melayu ke? 

eh dia ni. speaking tu macam hebat sangat!

kenapa kita nk kena speaking berhabuk? Jepun maju je guna bahasa dia."

I'm not saying we should ignore our mother language or first language, but in reality, English is the main language of the worldwide. if we keep condemning people who speak and not even try to learn, it's going to bring harm in ourselves. recently, we've been told that there's almost 200,000 or more jobless graduates in Malaysia. why? lack of communication skills. in what way? they can't speak proper English.
my late dad, he was a fighter. Pejuang Bahasa precisely. but he never stopped me from learning. we even spoke in English once in while. same goes to my mom, a Bahasa teacher. they realized how important English is without putting aside our mother language.
please. stop assuming those who speak English are snobbish. bukan tak reti cakap melayu. but practice makes perfect. I don't speak English that much. only on certain times, but still, I believe it is definitely going to be very helpful later on. even if it is NOT helpful, at least we gain something from it, which is knowledge.
i took several years to improve. it was very tough back then, but now I have improved quite a lot though I still make mistakes here and there. biasalah. bukan belajar TESL pun. but anyway as long as you can deliver your points and people understand you, that's more than enough.

fuh. can't believe my internship will start on this upcoming January. 2 months from now.

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