Monday, January 11, 2016

internship tips

Assalamualaikum! :D

So, basically, I have unofficially graduated from UniKL Business School! I will no longer be around at the campus for study purpose. just another one semester of internship then I'm done! alhamdulillah.. never thought I made it... after these 3 years of ups and downs.. to be honest, my feelings were all mixed up right after I finished my last paper on Friday. I was a nerd, and still I am.. so I am pretty sure I will be missing how 'exciting' it was to stay up late studying.. lol diyana.

anyway! the moment that I have been scared of the most since year 1 is almost here. next week, I'll be doing my internship in Bank Rakyat Bdr Tun Razak branch. i really don't know what to expect.. because it's a whole different world, you know.. mingling around with those people whom are so much older than you.. to know how to work, to be independent, not to be shy to ask and so on. I always have this inability to ask. I am quite shy to start a conversation. but i do hope as I'm getting older, this behaviour will fade away.. maybe... haha

if you're wondering how on earth Bank Rakyat chose me, I surely don't have any answer. but I'm going to give you guys a lil bit of tips on how to apply for your internship. I do have many advice to spill out. but the most important thing is that, DON'T EVER PROCRASTINATE! 

UniKL passed the official letter or what we call as Cover Letter a lil bit late than other universities which totally gave all of us a huge trouble to apply to companies. we only got the cover letter in less than two months before our internship starts. another universities already released the cover letter 3 - 4 months before. usually, if you want to apply to banks or any other huge companies, they require us to send our resume 3-4 months before which means it was a lil bit late for us. so that's the reason why I told you to not procrastinating. complete your resume before getting your cover letter.

to apply internship position at the beginning of the year is quite challenging. this is because, many universities also set up the same period of internship to their students. that means you're gonna face tough competition among others. what do i suggest is that, you better do research on companies that you feel you're going to have the chance to work in. and then shortlist it and look for the email of the company provided. and DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW UP! means that few days after applying, you better call to ensure your status of application. this is what i didn't do. i was lazy.... like a hippo.

i actually applied to almost 50 companies. huge companies such as Petronas, Maxis, Shell and so on didn't give any feedback. but this morning I received a call from Petronas Cari Gali which I didn't apply directly to them. the woman straight away asked whether i already had a place for internship or not. she didn't inform who she was so i was thinking she might be someone from my university. so i told her, yes, i got an offer from Bank Rakyat. and i asked her who she was. she said she was from Petronas Cari Gali. i was shocked at first. i informed her that i didn't accept Bank Rakyat yet bcs i wanna give confirmation to Bank Rakyat by today and asked her to wait for a moment because i wanted to consider and ask my mom first. i was in doubt whether i should choose Bank Rakyat or Petronas.

so I actually made up my mind to go to Petronas Cari Gali due to some reasons. both have pros and cons so yeah, i contacted the woman. unfortunately she said she had already offered to someone else. and i was like.... -.- i think there might be some misunderstanding here and there. anyway it's okay.. i just feel like they're being unprofessional. they should just inform that they have already chosen somebody else. luckily i havent rejected Bank Rakyat yet. what I suggest is that, please just say Yes if you think that might be a better choice for you. HA-HA. doesn't make sense. haha haih.

alright! let me list down some tips for you guys,

  • resume must be tip top. some say it would be fine if you just make a simple resume. but i'm pretty sure if your resume is attractive, edited by photoshop or not as plain as the simple one, it would attract people more. first impression works best.
  • right after you applied, it might take a week or two before you get any feedback. that's why it's much better if you give a call to ensure your application is accepted besides knowing the status of your application as well. this to avoid menunggu-nunggu buah yg takkan gugur lol
  • most companies would set up a date for an interview. please dress well, formal and tidy. please think before you speak. don't forget to bring along a pen to fill any necessary form.
  • when attending an interview, please do bring along your resume and other docs. the first interview i went was suck -.- bcs i thought the company already kept my resume with them. that was totally an epic fail. as a result, they needed to print out just for the use of the interview. 
  • you might get an offer from some companies. do list down the benefits and do some comparisons. don't simply accept just bcs the company gives u high allowance padahal kena buat kopi utk bos je. haha.
  • i always ask what is my scope while doing internship in the company. do ask. it might not be fun if your field of studies doesn't match with the position given.
there's nothing much to advise... ingat banyak -.- anyway, goodluck!

and do wish me luck...... takutzz sangatzz niewz :(