Sunday, February 21, 2016

life as an intern

salam alayk and hi!

I just realised that i have gone through a month of internship. phewww. so how was it so far? alhamdulillah is all i can say. kind supervisor, friendly and cheerful staffs (even semua gatai), comfortable environment. so this first month of being an intern, i was placed in Operation Unit where i learnt so much about how bank operates, how transaction being conducted and filed, how this and that. i am sooooooo lucky because my supervisor currently furthering masters in Islamic Finance. so most of the time he would tell me and share his knowledge. he would ask me things that i might know. he even reconsidered of making me doing his upcoming assignments -.- haha nvm.

the thing that excites me the most is the staffs. semua masuk air. seriously. they already made me as a bahan gurauan. i don't mind. the abang2 especially would test nk mengayat. the funny part is that they would tease among each other on which abang i would choose. eh sorry sikit hahaha. nasib gue tak kaki sentap even the first day of internship dah kena bahan mcm hape. but that makes the environment so much happening! even all the kakak2 semua sama je alhamdulillah..

being an intern student, you cannot be choosy. you need to know how to talk, how to mingle around especially with those who are so much older than you. do ask them often if they need help. give a helping hand. i was super rajin i couldn't sit still without nothing to do. even they asked me to buat air petang2 or fotostat ke apa i still considered that as an effort of becoming a part of the team. Bank Rakyat that i work now is lack of staffs. so basically they are facing overloaded works without nobody to help. kesian... 

i never had an interest in becoming a banker. just imagine, my supervisor told me not to work in bank during my 3rd day of internship. haha so what would i expect? being a banker means there's so much risk you need to face. it's like your right leg is already in the jail. that's what they say. idk. i do love challenges. but i don't like the sound of getting my leg tied in the jail. lol.

3 months to go! i would be placed in Financing Management unit this monday.. which means there will be more work... more teases... bring it on! 

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