Thursday, March 17, 2016


when it comes to feeling, nothing is normal. i'm in a condition where i don't bother anymore and i insist not to care. life smacked me hard these past weeks. many things happened in a split second. currently, I'm taking back those broken pieces, fixing, attaching and trying to start gaining strength all over again.

another thing.
i do believe in second chance. but not more than that. when trustworthy isn't worthy anymore, just give up. when somebody treats you like an option, leave. 'cause I believe i dont deserve such pain. i'd rather be alone than getting hurt endlessly. 

and yeah, abang has officially ended his single life. still trying to cope with this new phase of life. sepanjang dalam masjid, i was so sebak. i cried, of course. ibu as well. I wish ayah was there with us.. anyway, it was a tiring day. as kakak ipaq orang Kedah, memang jauh nak menghantar. ibu even told me and my younger brothers to cari life partner dekat2. satu taman lagi bagus. lol. tak mencabar langsung. haha. abg seemed so happy. with only one lafaz, dh sah. hm tak boleh la nak manja2 dgn abg dah kot? 

it's okay... can't wait to have babies in our house! boleh la makcik mira ni try dukung anak buah! ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! hahaa lol

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