Wednesday, September 7, 2016

i got a job yay alhamdulillah!

it's been a while. i wanted to update my blog but somehow i've lost interest.. maybe it's bcs there's nothing much to update.... but now I got something to share! :D

alhamdulillah finally i got a job. it's not easy to get a job these daysssss bcs most of the companies are offering SL1M (Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia) which I tried to avoid. it's not like I don't want it bcs it's not convincing, but that would be my very last option. got few calls from banks regarding their management trainee position but me being me, the choosiest person on earth, insisted not to attend their interviews. lol

the only interview that I gave my whole heart to was Sime Darby's SL1M interview. got accepted at the Ara Damansara quarters but I rejected due to travel issue. then I reapplied again under Sime Darby Auto Bavaria (bcs Auto Bavaria sounds woww), got accepted again but i don't wanna go back home at 2am from Glenmarie to Cheras all alone. so rejected it again. yeah, 'travel issue' la sangat.

I actually considered furthering masters, but all applications had closed few months a go so.... I simply gave up on my dream.. cewahh.. no lah. later k.

so dapat mana niiiii actually? awat hang ni diyana dok menyimpang sana sini? straight to the point tak boleh? hehehee..

knowing me, I tak suka sebenarnya kerja bank. that's why I macam lek lek taknak tu taknak ni. but somehow this one bank attracted me, maybe bcs my girlfriend Hanin dah pergi interview dulu and she got accepted first. so I thought... ok cool. should try my luck. but dannggg, it was freggin hard.

ok laa i dapat offer from HSBC Cyberjaya, payment executive. Cyberjaya ni focus on electronic processing. so semua bermain dgn system and computer thats why semua staffs memuda. average age 26 tahun below. and my position is contractual position minimum 12 months lah mcm biasa. susah eh nak dapat permanent :( takpelah i'll just kerja lah if tak serap i nak sambung belajar obersi bawak diri dan hati yang lara hehehehe acah

so here's the steps bfr i got this job.

  1. after applying, HSBC will call and buat phone interview. dia just nak tahu whether we can speak and converse well in english ke tak. phone interview aku tak lama around 10-15 minutes.
  2. after lulus phone interview, kena buat online assessment. seriousssssly susah mak hengko. dia mcm bukan soalan cikai2, but more on case studies, how to handle situations and stuffs. you cant get distracted kalau tak, tak lulus. alhamdulillah i lulus. if you tak lulus and ada position lain available, dorang akan offer position lain.
  3. then they will call you again and cakap sama ada you lulus online assessment ke tak. if lulus dorang akan set date untuk interview.
  4. so hari interview tu, you're needed to do another test. kali ni english test comprises grammar, vocab, comprehension, listening test. aku ingat senang weh tutup mata sebelah je boleh jawab. tp dorang just kasi 16 minutes (if im not mistaken) to answer 30 questions. bukan soalan fill in the blanks seketul2 tu k tp kasi paraghraph. listening test lg la... dh la cakap tak stop2 mcm mana aku nak jawab hahaha aku hentam je janji jawab. dah la pagi tu kepala mcm ngok ngek je. mati2 ingat failed. -.-
  5. aku mcm terkejut sebab ktorg dalam 10 orang jugak yg datang interview and semua lulus padahal muka semua mcm yakin tak yakin je. alhamdulillah. then iv dengan HR. senang gila tanya basic questions je pun. 5 minit je then dahh. 
  6. next interview dengan manager department masing2. weh. best gila k. hahahaha. aku dalam interview room tu sejam! manager department aku chinese umur dalam 30-an sempoi gilaaa.. at first cakap melayu je sebab dia taknak aku nervous. dia tgk resume aku and tengok form yg aku dah isi.. ada satu form tu tanya ada tak dalm family kerja public apatah. aku tak faham so aku cakap takde. then dia tanya mom you takde kerja cikgu ke apa.. then baru aku faham. haha dia yang betulkan form aku tu. aku dh mcm... god failed la aku ahaha lol. then bila dia tengok result aku.. he was like. why you tak apply jd tutor mara. why you tak apply hsbc amanah. why itu ini. aku cakap la aku tak minat buat sales.. then dia kata one thing yg dia menyesal sgt is dia tak belajar buat sales. kalau tak lg banyak dia belajar....... weh i don wan. i shy lah haha

so tomorrow is the day. petang td baru sign offer letter. nanti la aiii update pasal tu. hope everything goessss well !

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Anonymous said...

hi, is it okay if i wanna ask for your personal email? because i just received an interview invitation for financial crime compliance executive position. so, i'd be glad to know some tips and know-how from you. is that okay?