Saturday, September 10, 2016

induction days

i'm done with two days of induction. it totally has opened up my eyessssss to have a better vision and to have a greater intention about workkk :)

okay so these two days were just more on knowing HSBC better. the first day was drop-dead boring and tiring. ada issue to settle down a night before so i just slept for 2 hours only. too many thoughts running on my head so i wasnt at my best. however the induction was superrr fun actually. i tak mengantuk pun! cuma penat hihi

we've been told about HSBC that they're on probation and it will end next year. there's some issues about breaching trust, financial terrorism that they dealt with before. so US put HSBC under 5 years probation to ensure that there are doing a right business n thgs liddat to prove that they can get better. HR might tell us that business is getting better but apparently i think HSBC is having a hard time. HSBC is an international financial institution. it comprises 71 countries which is really big. so even if Malaysia has nothing to do with all those illegal activities, still every country will get the impact.

idk what will happen if HSBC doesn't satisfy the requirements after the probation. i really dont wanna know bcs my position is just a contractual position with minimum 12 months service. i will be serving Hong Kong customers. here's another thing. we've also been told that HSBC Hong Kong will be closed near in the future. so maybe i might not be working as long as i thought. maybe for just 3-5 months only, who knows. at first i was like, oh god i made a wrong choice. oh god im damned n etc. but at the end of the induction, now i know that this is reality. not everyone is lucky to live in a bed of roses life.

my point is, it's okay, i'll just go to work, mingling around with those multiracial colleagues, go for trainings provided, use the opportunities as much as i can. we're no longer living in a situation where we can choose whatever we want. i dont wanna be a person who stays at home for a year or so just bcs there's no huge company offers me a job. not everyone is lucky to start their career in a huge company. seriously. i'm just 22 years old, i still have a long journey to walk through. for now i'll just start gaining experience. it doesnt matter whether it's not that long. it doesnt matter whether in the middle of the contract, i'll get laid off. it's okay. as long as i gain experience, it should be fine.

so dear friends, it doesnt matter whether your salary isnt that high, it doesnt matter whether you join SL1M programme which might sound 'blaaaah' to others. it's okay. climbing a ladder in your career is like taking one step at a time. just go with the flow, learn as much as you can, be good to others, start working out with your ethics and etc. 

i'm not highly motivated just bcs i'm excited to work. no. i'm very nervous, to be honest and after this, i wont live a normal life like i did before. though my working hour is 10am-7pm, still i have parking issues to solve bcs around 8am, parking might full already. so takkan i nak keluar lepas subuh just because nak parking dalam compound zone padahal i kerja pukul 10? memang ada option. there's a shuttle bus provided in cyberjaya area. but then if i nak naik bas dari TBS, i kena ada kt TBS before 8.30 even though i start working at 10. n nak ke TBS god knows how busy the road is. so i still kena keluar at least 7-7.30.. ya Allah.. takde benda senang. kalau nak mengeluh nnt rezeki tak berkat pulak.

so it's okay. kena start thinking that there's no easy way to earn money and just deal with it. just dont stop praying semoga Allah kurniakan rezeki yg diberkati. tu je aku selalu doa. 



Anonymous said...

Assalam dear.,

First thing first, Congrats for getting the job! :) Luckily, ive found ur blog and read about HSBC. I went to the interview with HSBC and 2 days ago i got an email from HR asking me to fill up the health declaration form as well as application form. Is this literally means i have the chance to get the job?

And when do u know which country u'll be serving to? I mean during the interview or induction? And i feel a bit uneasy when i read about the HSBC HK will be closed and it might affects Msian branch.

Hope u can give a quick response. Thanks in advance!

yanamia said...

Wassalam dearest! As far as i concern, for now only Hk department will be closed but idk exactly when.. Rumours say maybe next year idk. Abt the email, im not sure bcs i filled in the form on the iv day itself . Maybe you got the job thats why they sent you the email. You'll only know which country youll serve once you meet your line manager. Btw what position theyre offering ? If you hv a better option, you should proceed with it bcs bnm doesnt allow international banks to serve ppl outside malaysia. Which means there are possibilities that uk or china department will be closed as well. But if you hv no option atm, its better if you just accept this job bcs hsbc is a well known bank. At least when you go out somewhere else ppl will recognize your skilss n etc . Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

What a great info! Thanks dear. Do u mind to give me ur email or phone num? I have few question to ask regarding HSBC. I'm a girl btw ��

yanamia said...

Email i, i'll pass you my number 😊