Monday, October 3, 2016


tick tock tick tock. 

20 days to go before convocation ceremony... Which means.... I neeeeed to be more serious in losing weight. it's not a big deal actually. I can now work my ass off on my baby TM (treadmill) bcs before this, i couldnt. those goody boxes for abang's reception cramped around my baby tm.. Since everything has settled, i can now tendang and sepak remaining 2/3 boxes jyeahhhh so exciteddd. 

Okay. Lol. 

I actually feel like spilling out something. I know i was freggin dumb bcs i sticked to a person who actually did not sure whether he wanted me or not, aite? So my baby Hanin once told me.. She said I shouldn't ever think that way. Make friends, meet new people. But here's a thing about me. I feel so comfortable with my circle of friends. I can be friends with the girls bcs i'm friendly (kot) n crazy liddat but with the guys? Naaah. Takut. 

Whenever i feel uncomfortable with a guy, i'll just block him. Lol padahal maybe he's just being friendly but guys can never be too friendly unless he's  my childhood friend then it's okay. Idk. I feel insecure. 

So i have this instinct that I won't get married. lolllll. 

Okay whateverrr. I'm just 22 y/o working lady who has first class degree oredy. N my friends wont get married any sooner so lek lek. Kumpul duit first beli rumah. Single ladies are all independent ones! Yayy that's the spirit! 

Ok i nak masuk kerja bye. Oh ye i tak cuti :))))))))) Saje nak meroyan kejappp bcs i tidur 3 jam je :) alhamdulillah janji dapat tidur....

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