Tuesday, October 4, 2016


every relationship needs two ways of communication. When you hv somethg in your mind that distracts you, spill. Don't simply bottle it inside your heart till at some point, you'll burst out and hurt others even more. That's how i rock. i would say i'm lying if i never exploded as i kept to myself for too long, but it actually depends on situation. But that's how i always do. If i hv an issue, i'll just confront directly on the face bcs i need to understand more, i need to know what exactly happens. And i'm not an ignorant person and simply act like yeah everything's fine.

They say women are complicated. Yes, i'm among of them too, but please, assuming me as a clingy, overly-attached lady is so unacceptable. For all ths while, i never ever ever controlled someone else's life, just like i hate being controlled. And even if i'm in a relationship, i wont let the whole world know that yayy i hv a boyfriend yayy go away jangan ngorat i dah. Please. Just because aku ni mcm budak2 doesnt mean aku ni attention seeker. Lol im pissed off.

Bros and girls, we're all grown up already. Stop pointing out your finger to others. Reflect yourself. Aku ni bukan baik mana but whenever somethg happened aku always tell others not to judge that particular situation sebab mesti ada sebab why it happened. Mesti ada salah aku jugak. Bukannya kita always betul.

gahh, waste of time je fikir.

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