Thursday, October 13, 2016


People say, if you wanna change for good, do for the sake of Allah. Dont ever change yourself just bcs somebody told you to do. Personally, i agree if we set our intention to change bcs of Him, but i dont deny the fact that ppl change bcs of a human is a booster and a baby step.

Some say at the age of 22, i'm too young to think abt marriage. Yes, i wont get married any sooner; at least 4-5 years to go but still, ibu always reminds me to start making du'a abt criterias of a good husband. Soleh, responsible and etc but more specific. Just confidently pray to Him. Ask Allah to guide you in becoming a better muslimah as well. Just pray.

Even in Quran stated that good guys are for good women.. put Him as your intention in becoming a better person. Good things will come afterwards.

Thank you Allah... I am blessed for being loved by You through the pain, heartbreak and disappoinment you gave me. No humans can cure and heal these except You, The Most Merciful.

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