Thursday, October 6, 2016

There's no more living life in a bed of roses these days as we have no option to take.

I have so many thoughts rushing through my head (though i'm restless and this bloody headche is killing me) but i just feel like telling everyone that things are going to get harder in the future. Before this, i thought by getting 3.8 cgpa would help me, at least my future would be secured but then there's no such thing. Everyone's struggling to live. There are still many unemployed graduates out there. Not to mention, those who're currently jobless, choking to breathe, with commitments and debts to be settled. Who to blame?

I know that i wont be working in hsbc cyber for a long duration. There are rumours saying that departments will be closed starting the end of the year but wallahualam i really try not to bother because this is my first job, and it's normal to switch one company to another. But i can't even put myself in my colleagues' situation where among all of them have been working with hsbc for like 6-10 years or more? And all of sudden management told them that those departments who serve overseas customers need to be closed sooner. I can't even.

Yes i should think abt myself first instead of them but seriously, my life doesnt matter bcs im still young. Even if nobody wants to hire me i still can further studies till economic condition gets better but how abt them? :(

Ya Allah as long as my salary is halal and baraqah with your blessings, i'll just remain there and work hard. Sometimes it's the experience that matters, where you'll learn the meaning of survival. Without pain, struggles and hardship, nobody would achieve satisfaction. So..... Hold on diyana. Things might not be easy but you can always pray.

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