Saturday, April 15, 2017

there's always a limit in fashion

talking about fashion, I admit I'm also one of those ppl who go out to malls and have so many ideas going on on their head. like, 'oh that oversized sweatshirt can be paired with that ripped jeans.' and bla bla list goes on and on. i enjoy exploring and imagining fashion as it is subjective. up till now, though i dont go out as frequent as i was, i still keen on playing mix and match games.

i stopped 'melawa' a few months back as I started to realize that I'm a grown up woman now. everythg that I wear represents my identity. i'd prefer going out wearing just a plain shirt and jeans paired with sandal cap ayam or sometimes when i am extra rajin i will wear my sport shoes or chunky heels. simple liddat. i dont actually judge people whenever i see they dress up bcs nahhh, it's up to them. none of my business.

but these days, it's kinda worrying bcs i see so many hijabistas/social influencers out there are being too bold in what they wear. yes, pakai shawl nampak leher is like a trend now. oh don't forget to also wear a pair of dangle earrings so people can see your ears. oh  no no! sekarang trend rambut terurai kat bahagian depan sikit. nampak leher sikit, rambut sikit then you're good to go. usually i tak lah mengata kalau nampak or come across their acc in instagram. i just keep it to myself but seriously, this has become a trend for the youngsters too.. i dont wanna start writing abt aurat sebab i pun so-so je.

there's always a limit in fashion.

Islam has given us guidelines on dressing up in modesty; covering our chest, wearing loose up-to-toe attire. a social influencer should know that she is a role model to everyone. whatever they wear, wherever they go, people would love to know and follow. i tak judge those 'influencers' just bcs they are too daring in fashion. tak lah sampai tahap 'budak2 ni dh sesat sgt ke' nauzubillah who am i to judge. hubungan dorang dgn Allah kita tak tahu. entah2 lagi baik dari kita.. i just feel like expressing my thoughts that no matter how deep our love in fashion, always remember that it has limit.

you may say i ni conservative or tak open minded. i tak lah sampai 'eh korang kena pakai jubah! no jeans! haraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!' sebab i pun sama je. cuma since lately ramai sangat assume tudung tu accessories tu yg i macam agak sedih... hmm entahlah. hopefully kita dilindungi Allah daripada menjadi hamba fashion. semoga kita jd hamba yg lebih baik pada pandangan-Nya.

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